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NBA All-Star Steph Curry Asks For Twitter Followers For Advice On Crypto Games And NFTs

NBA all-star Steph Curry has reached his 15.5 million followers on Twitter, asking for advice on crypto-assets. Curry had recently purchased $206k worth of the popular Nonfungble token, Bored Ape Yacht Club last week. Being relatively new to the crypto sector, the NBA all-star asked for suggestions on the progressive crypto game on Tuesday.

The golden state warrior’s guard currently owns 16 NFTs in total, according to his Open Sea profile. The 16 NFTs also include tokens from the blue-furred Bored Ape shown on his Twitter profile. The NBA all-star recently tweeted out “Just getting started in the crypto game…ya’ll got any advice?” reaching out to crypto proponent followers.

In response to the NBA athlete’s inquiry, legendary NFL quarterback Tom Brady, who is currently sporting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, humorously responded by stating Curry should not put laser eyes on his profile.

It is a recent meme trend among the crypto community members where, politicians, sportspersons, and other crypto proponents add laser eyes to their profile. Notable figures in the industry have been reported to add laser eyes, as a sign to declare their support of the leading crypto asset Bitcoin. Famous NFL legend Tom Brady is among the crypto supporters that depict his profile with the infamous laser eyes meme.

Gary Vaynerchuck, the serial entrepreneur and early investor of the popular crypto exchange Coinbase, offered his advice to the NBA all-star. Vaynerchuk, who is known to be a hustler, and a maverick entrepreneur, simply replied “50 hours of homework” implying that doing research on NFTs and crypto-assets first should be prioritized by the NBA all-star.

A Twitter user responded to Vaynerchuk’s tweet by stating not a single person has ever done 50 hours of homework before investing in altcoins, an accurate description in contrast to the serial entrepreneur’s hustler philosophy.

NFTs and NBA have been acting parallel to each other. Recent data reports that Top Shot, NBA’s prized NFT project, currently sits in the fourth rank as the most popular NFT marketplace in the past 30 days. Top Shots have seen $28.11 million in sales volume between 112,360 traders.

Data on the sales performance of NBA-related NFTs reveal that Top Shot is the fourth largest NFT collection in terms of all-time sales volume. Axie Infinity, Crypto Punks, and Artblocks remain in the top three spots.

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