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NFTs Worth $600,000 Purchased Via DOGE Transaction

The largest commercial transaction in the history of the first meme cryptocurrency was carried out when a 25-fire-tier collection of BIG3’s Aliens was purchased through Dogecoin.

Bill Lee, the founding chairman of the custodial DOGE wallet, MyDoge, has bought a whopping $600,000 worth of non-fungible tokens, making it the biggest single transaction on the Dogecoin network.

The BIG3 is a professional American basketball league founded by Ice Cube, a famous American rapper. BIG3 chooses to sell part of the team rights by leveraging the NFT’s acceptance, which has been a deciding factor for the move.

The BIG3 opted to part ways with 25 fire-tier NFTs, handing over ownership of the licensing, intellectual property, and league-approved product.

BIG3 Adopt Dogecoin

Following the NFT purchase, Lee’s ownership right automatically translates to the adoption of Dogecoin by the Big3. As a result of this new development, the MyDoge wallet will be integrated to allow players, coaches, and other staff members to receive DOGE tips on Twitter with just a single tweet.

In addition to this, Aliens will also feature the Dogecoin and MyDoge logos on the team jerseys and in other events or broadcasts.

Lee believes that this is the best move to undertake when others invest in NFT Apes and other digital images; NFT with utility will be the next big thing to happen to the digital asset space.

The MyDoge founder further added that it is his dream to own a basketball team, and the BIG3 is shifting the direction of NFT by bringing ownership rights and other stuff to the main participants. Accordingly, Lee reiterated that he is in collaboration with the Doge army to promote Dogecoin as the people’s currency and, at the same time, help the team win the championship trophy.

Dogecoin is an Inspiration for Music

The amazing thing about the pioneering meme token is that artists continually incorporate it into their music, as shown by the New York-based rapper with the stage name Rhino Rhymes. The rapper recently released Dogecoin-inspired music by performing an acapella imitation of the Dogecoin Foundation’s Trailmap.

The Trailmap is a thoroughly designed strategy that the Foundation has developed for the security of the Dogecoin network through diversification while also explaining in clear terms what Dogecoin is all about in a comprehensive pattern.

The Trailmap is another opportunity for service providers to adopt and integrate DOGE into their platforms via a scalable backend protocol. This would enable them to start receiving payments in DOGE for their products and services.

In another development, the other ongoing projects are Libdogecoin and GigaWallet, which are meant to upgrade the Dogecoin network further. Once ready, it would signal another massive scale for the Dogecoin network following the successful transfer of DOGE tokens using the RadioDoge protocol last month.

Meanwhile, further transactions will be carried out on the RadioDoge protocol as soon as the entire project completion is concluded to transfer funds in areas without access to internet infrastructures.

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