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XRP/BTC Hits 3-Year Low: Is a Bottom In Sight for Ripple’s Token


The price of XRP in Bitcoin terms has hit a three-year low, suggesting a potential local bottom and buying opportunity for Ripple’s token. Despite this bullish signal, XRP’s price against the US dollar remains in a downtrend, largely due to Ripple’s ongoing legal battle with the SEC.

Why It Matters

The XRP/BTC price ratio is a key indicator for crypto investors, as it reflects the relative strength of XRP compared to the leading cryptocurrency. A potential bottom in this ratio could signal a buying opportunity for XRP, especially if Bitcoin continues its upward trajectory. However, the uncertainty surrounding Ripple’s lawsuit with the SEC continues to weigh on investor sentiment.

By the Numbers

  • XRP/BTC price ratio hits a three-year low last seen in April 2021
  • XRP/USD has fallen over 14% year-to-date, while BTC/USD has risen over 43%
  • Ripple contests SEC’s request for a $2 billion fine, arguing it should not exceed $10 million

What’s Next

Despite the bullish signal from the XRP/BTC price ratio, the outcome of Ripple’s legal battle with the SEC remains a key factor in XRP’s future price performance. Some analysts predict that XRP could reach a new all-time high by July, with price targets ranging from $4.09 to $6.48, depending on Bitcoin’s price at that time. However, if the downtrend persists, XRP could potentially fall back to the $0.31 support level.

The Big Picture

The XRP/BTC price ratio hitting a three-year low highlights the ongoing challenges faced by Ripple and its native token. While some investors may see this as a buying opportunity, others remain cautious due to the regulatory uncertainty surrounding XRP. As the crypto market continues to evolve, the outcome of Ripple’s legal battle and the broader adoption of XRP will play a crucial role in shaping its future price trajectory.

What do you think about XRP’s prospects in light of its current price action and ongoing legal challenges? Leave a comment below to share your insights.

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