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Dogecoin Boosted As Elon Musk Hints At Using DOGE To Fight Spam Bots On Twitter

After seeing his bid for the takeover of Twitter accepted, the billionaire Tesla owner, Elon Musk, has been working toward solving the constant spam bot problems that have been a pain in the neck for users.

Before he made his intention of buying Twitter public, Musk had previously talked about the need to regulate the activities of some users by putting in place measures to check the constant spamming of news feeds on the popular social networking site.

Upon confirmation of the $44 billion takeovers, the Tesla boss has again reiterated his pledge to rid the social media giant of spambots or die trying, a statement that supports most Twitter users who look forward to when the platform will be free from spam.

DOGE to the Rescue

Eliminating spam from the platform may look easier said than done, with some asking questions about how the eccentric billionaire intends to proceed with his commendable plan.

Musk might have a likely ally in the person of fellow billionaire Mark Cuban. Cuban suggested that the Dogecoin native token, DOGE, could be utilized to checkmate the activities of spammers on Twitter.

The Dallas Mavericks professional basketball team owner proposed that every user on the platform should stake one DOGE for unlimited posts on Twitter. And if a position is contested and found to be spam upon confirmation from another human, the spammer would forfeit their DOGE.

He further added that the flagged spammer would be allowed to post as many times as possible alongside more DOGE, and if the flagging turns out to be wrong, the contester loses his DOGE.

Meanwhile, the suggested steps as proposed by Mark Cuban have attracted positive comments, with the Tesla CEO responding that this is not a bad idea, while Dogecoin’s c0-founder remarked the move is a good one.

Others are not Convinced

The majority of the meme coin supporters believe that the suggestions proposed by Cuban are great. Still, some have reservations about the introduction of DOGE, saying that a once free to chat platform will be transformed into a pay-to-chat platform, which can ward off scammers and users.

Another concern raised is about using DOGE to tweet, which is akin to forcing users to begin using Dogecoin against their wishes, a bad business strategy for Twitter. Again, others opined that introducing the new monetization drive would create unscrupulous actors who might look to manipulate the system to profit from it. This will defeat the essence of the original issue raised by Musk.

For example, users can falsely flag down a post to benefit from the DOGE token at stake, especially if it is a post that does not align with their sentiments.

Musk had since received more suggestions on how to handle the issue of spambots, even before he tabled an offer with Michael Saylor suggesting that the problem could be fixed through the introduction of Orange Check.

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