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Bitso Crypto Exchange Now Supports Dogecoin

The leading Mexican crypto exchange platform, Bitso, has announced the listing of the popular meme cryptocurrency on its platform.

In a Twitter announcement released by the crypto exchange giant, DOGE is regarded as one of the top-performing cryptocurrencies. The listing of Dogecoin on the platform is a step toward further adopting the currency across the Americas.

However, the price of DOGE failed to react to the positive development, which currently trades at $0.1299 according to the latest data released by CoinMarketCap.

Meme Tokens on Bitso

In January, U.Today previously reported that the exchange had added support for the rival meme token Shiba Inu. The latest addition of Dogecoin brings the total number of cryptocurrencies listed on the Bitso exchange to 33, including SAND, SUSHI, GALA and others.

Bitso has grown in leaps and bounds since making its debut in the crypto space last year after becoming the first crypto unicorn in America to raise $250 million in seed funding.

It has continued to drive its expansion across the globe as it aims to become the leading crypto-based service provider in Brazil following its growth in Central and North America.

Many crypto exchange firms see meme tokens as a marketable prospect on their platform, which lends credence to the rapid listing of Dogecoin on Bitso alongside other digital tokens.

Meanwhile, despite the positive development, which, in the past, often led to a surge in the price of Dogecoin, the new product failed to have any positive impact on the cost of DOGE. This points to the already established notion that the meme coin has been unable to consolidate its gains following the Elon Musk-inspired price surge it experienced a couple of days ago.

The price forecast for Dogecoin has been bearish for some days, with investors and traders looking increasingly unsure about the next step to take as the price continues to plunge, leading to the exit of about 40K investors from the DOGE network.

Elon Musk is Ready to Eliminate Spam Bots on Twitter!

The Tesla CEO has once again made his intention known about his readiness to tackle the issue of spambots, which has been one of his talking points at the time he prepared to bid for the takeover of Twitter.

The billionaire emphasizes the need to eliminate spam on Twitter to make the platform more convenient for users, and many suggestions have been made for curbing the activities of spammers.

Musk has previously spoken out against the Twitter team’s inability to find a solution to the issue of spambots. 

Mark Cuban, the Dallas Mavericks’ billionaire professional American basketball team owner, has suggested using DOGE to fight spamming. Each post will attract a single DOGE, which will be used as collateral against spamming.

If a user posts something considered spam on Twitter, which upon confirmation is so, the user will forego his DOGE token.

Even Michael Saylor has proposed the introduction of Orange Check to verify users of the platform to curtail the activities of spammers.

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