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Dogecoin Records History As First Ever Transaction Without Internet Completed Via RadioDoge

The world’s first meme-themed cryptocurrency’ has continued to break milestones one after the other as it continues to blaze the trail in the crypto industry while others follow.

According to news making the rounds, Dogecoin has completed the first DOGE transaction without using internet services by using the specially created protocol called RadioDoge.

The announcement of the first non-internet transaction was made public by the Doge Foundation development team, who revealed that the completed Doge transaction covered 100 miles from its origin through a radio transmission with the RadioDoge protocol. And powered by the Starlink satellite technology.

Based on the new development, users can now send Doge tokens to remote regions without internet services or where internet access is limited.

Using the latest protocol to send funds will signal another massive adoption of the meme token from financially excluded world regions.

4.2069 DOGE Tokens Moved Via RadioDoge

According to the lead developer at the Dogecoin Foundation, Michi Lumin, the first transaction comprised 4.2069 tokens of the meme cryptocurrency sent 100 miles from their point of origin through RadioDoge, a radio wave and libdogecoin, and finally reached the mainnet via Starlink.

Lumin added that the Libdogecoin is a collection of Dogecoin protocols designed to serve as a springboard for various Doge-related projects.

The transaction was so powerful that it was heard over 800 Miles away from the point of initiation of the transaction.

What is RadioDoge?

RadioDoge is the creation of the Dogecoin Foundation focused on utilizing low-cost radio technology while leveraging Starlink’s superior capabilities to offer easy to access and large-scale Doge tokens for people staying at places where access to the traditional internet services is below par or non-existent.

Before the first transaction was made, the developing team set up a test of the protocol baby, creating a regional hub where testing of the new technology would be carried out. The sophisticated and innovative technology that the developers believe can rival any existing platform in place if there is any.

The project is seen as an exciting early developmental stage taken to ensure the goal of the foundation members is achieved in the best possible ways. The Doge Foundation has envisioned a great future for the meme token, given that it has set out to make Dogecoin an unrivaled financial asset for now and the future.

It aims to provide financial liberty to all involved and devise a means of exchange that can withstand any further changes that are to emerge in the coming years.

However, it is worth noting that Dogecoin was not the first digital currency to send funds via radio transmission. Bitcoin transactions have been previously completed through mesh networking and portable antennas without the use of internet infrastructures.

As advancements in technology change with time, the mode of transaction is also following the trend.

According to the data from CoinMarketCap, Dogecoin is trading at $0.1281, down by 4.92% at the time of writing.

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