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Dogecoin Foundation Trademarked “DOGE,” “Dogecoin,” And All Logos

Following the increasing number of unsuccessful attempts at registering trademarks for the DOGE brand and its associated emblems by entities not connected to the meme cryptocurrency, the Dogecoin Foundation has put everything to rest.

According to the Dogecoin Foundation, it has become necessary to register the “DOGE, “Dogecoin,” and all its emblems created by Christine Ricks. The best thing to protect the brand and its community of the first meme cryptocurrency is to register them.

Trademark Registration

After completing the registration of the brand’s name and its associated logos, the Dogecoin Foundation posted the image of the certificate of registration that was done at the EU’s Intellectual Property Unit, to which it stated as a little victory for the canine coin community and an important step in the right direction.

U.Today, previously reported the circumstances leading to the departure of a top-ranking official of the Dogecoin Foundation in February. Ross Nicoll was a director at the Dogecoin Foundation who revealed that working in the foundation is too stressful and challenging.

Nicoll was also a full-time software developer, and gave reasons for his leaving the services of Dogecoin by stating that many things appear to have led him to decide to call it time at Dogecoin Foundation. The workload is very demanding, and the decision to leave to avoid any potential clash of interest between Dogecoin and his current employer, Alphabet Inc.

Alphabet Inc. is also looking to venture into the business of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, so this constitutes one of the reasons why Nicoll decided to step down from his role at Dogecoin.

The former Dogecoin Foundation member shed some light on the possible reason why the foundation deemed it necessary to register its name and associated emblems as trademarks to forestall any unpleasant incidents.

According to Nicoll, some parties not affiliated with the meme coin fraudulently registered trademarks for Dogecoin while claiming to be Dogecoin developers. In the summer of 2021, the crypto industry witnessed a potential lawsuit to be slammed against the original Dogecoin developers by someone who made an erroneous claim that they were responsible for his assets.

The incidents might be the main reason why the foundation hastened the trademarks registration process.

DOGE Acceptance On The Rise

AMC Theatres has announced that in the coming days of the month, customers will be able to pay using the meme token in all their theatre chains as soon as the BitPay payment system is integrated by March 19.

AMC CEO further added that by April 16, the mobile app payment system would be live, and customers could begin payment in Dogecoin on their smartphones.

U.Today also reported that Elon Musk had hinted the Doge Army on not giving up on the struggle to get the fast-food giant McDonald’s to accept payment in DOGE. The Tesla boss took to his Twitter handle to mention McDonald’s under a tweet related to Dogecoin.

Musk even revealed that both Starlink and SpaceX would begin accepting Dogecoin as payment in the future.

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