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Dogecoin Co-Founder Reveals The Release Of The Dogecoin Wallet For iOS

Following the call for the provision of the Dogecoin mobile wallet for users of iOS devices, the developers of the meme cryptocurrency have just released the MyDoge Wallet for iOS users.

Android users have long been using the mobile app to make transactions in Dogecoin because no provision was made for iOS users then. 

Billy Markus, the co-founder of Dogecoin, revealed the news to the Doge community on his Twitter handle on March 4th. According to the co-founder, the dedicated wallet is for non-custodial iOS users, and it is easy to navigate through.

However, Markus remarked that the non-custodial DOGE wallet was not a creation of the Dogecoin developers. The management outsourced the creation to another independent and trusted developer whose expertise is not in doubt.

The MyDoge Wallet team of developers released a tweet to shed more light on the functionality of the Dogecoin wallet, and the app enables transfers of DOGE tokens to the wallet from any third-party crypto exchange platform and other digital currency wallets like Coinbase and Robinhood.

The app is designed for iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices running on iOS 12.0 or higher. Users can also use the wallet on their Apple Macbooks running MacOS 11.0 or below. More descriptions of the MyDoge Wallet indicate a secure and non-custodial wallet for Dogecoin holders.

Furthermore, users can now buy, sell, receive, transfer, and store their DOGE assets safely on the MyDoge Wallet.

Dogecoin’s Continued Development

Dogecoin has a history of outsourcing some of its critical network and system upgrades to independent developers. Last year, a Dogecoin bot named SoDogeTip was released on Twitter by independent developers, and it was announced on the Dogecoin community forum on Reddit.

The latest development came a couple of days later, after a top developer in the Dogecoin Foundation, Ross Nicoll, announced his decision to step down from his position, citing stress and resolving to prevent an impending conflict of interest between his current employer, Alphabet Inc., and the Dogecoin Foundation.

Moreover, investors’ increased interest in the first meme currency has pushed the Dogecoin developers to increase their efforts as they aim to improve the overall working of the canine cryptocurrency.

Additionally, the developers were already working with their counterpart at Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, toward moving their operation to more energy-saving Proof-of-Stake technology, according to Finbold last month.

DOGE’s Adoption

More businesses and companies have embraced the first meme token in the crypto industry as they seek to increase their customer base by adding payment methods to Dogecoin. More than ever before, there has been an increase in the use of DOGE to pay for utilities and other forms of transactions.

Last week, a Dubai-based fast-food restaurant was launched as the first DOGE-inspired fast-food chain with a logo depicting the famous meme emblem; customers can also pay for their burgers and other fizzy drinks using Dogecoin.

An American dish-powered TV streaming company, Sling TV, also makes provision for accepting DOGE from its subscribers after integrating the BitPay payment system.

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