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Here’s Why A Top Developer Wants To Leave Dogecoin

One of the meme cryptocurrency developers, Dogecoin, has revealed that he is stepping down from the development team for Dogecoin, citing many reasons.

Dogecoin developer Ross Nicoll, who also holds the position of director of the Dogecoin Foundation, has revealed why he is set to step aside from the affairs of Dogecoin after playing an essential part in the success of the meme cryptocurrency.

According to Nicoll, the time has come to draw the curtain after an illustrious career with Dogecoin, having been part of a fantastic team of developers and holding an enviable director position in the Dogecoin Foundation.

Nicoll is also a full-time software developer at another firm. He says he is leaving Dogecoin to concentrate on his current role and forestall a potential clash of interest as his current employer plans to become a player in the cryptocurrency industry.

The increasing workload, according to him, is putting him under stress as he handles both demanding roles from the Dogecoin Foundation and his current job at Alphabet Inc. Nicoll, however, revealed that he will serve as an advisor to the Dogecoin Foundation to enable the seamless process of replacing him as a director.

He further claimed not to be receiving a salary from the foundation as his last documented payout took place in July last year.

The Complex Work Environment Of Dogecoin

Nicoll notes that the Dogecoin Foundation’s extreme environment is taxing, where each step of the process is too complicated for individuals to function as a unit. According to him, some individuals impersonating as developers for the foundation registered brands for Dogecoin. And in the same year, an imminent lawsuit was ready to be slammed against the original developers by an individual who claimed the real Dogecoin developers were responsible for their assets.

On numerous occasions, Billy Markus, Dogecoin’s co-founder, has been heavily critical of some segments of the Dogecoin community, who, in his opinion, are trying to cause rifts in the community from within.

The Co-founder’s Twitter Rant

The Dogecoin co-founder has taken to his Twitter account to air his outburst about the cryptocurrency industry. It comes with many responsibilities and stress that can bring a person down. He also slammed the Dogecoin community, labeling them as “obnoxious and entitled” people, whose actions increase the unpleasant working environment that can make workers leave. Markus also claims that he rarely makes any profits from his engagement with Dogecoin, as it was initially created as a joke.

That said, the revelation by Ross Nicoll about his plans to step down from his position at the Dogecoin Foundation may serve as a litmus test for the meme coin community due to the nature of his leave and the circumstances that warrant his wanting to step down.

Perhaps the remark by Markus can also be a sign of deep-rooted issues that need addressing in the community, and how well the problem is handled is yet to be known.

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