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Daily Price Watch: Ethereum Rises 8% Against The Flow Of The Rest Of The Market

Ethereum is leading the way today. In yesterday’s report, we told you that the general sentiment was that it was about to go on a run, and hopefully, today’s 8% rise is just the start of some momentum that will put smiles on all the faces of ETH holders. The price of every other crypto in the top 10 has either remained stable or shown a slight decline in price.

At the time of writing the price of Eth is $1650 and has shown steady improvement all day. Anything is possible of course but the charts show that we could see this sort of action over the next few days.

Cardano’s Short Term Price Remains Unclear

Cardano at the time of writing is $1.10, the price is probably being kept up by the price of Bitcoin remaining stable and the run Ethereum has gone on today.

Technical analysis experts are saying that a fall to 90 cents is certainly not out of the question though. The future for Cardano is bright in the long term during this bull run but we need to expect a little bit of volatility now considering how the price jumped from 20 cents to $1.46 in 3 months.

Litecoin: A Sleeping Giant?

Litecoin is currently available at $180. Considering it was at $220 two weeks ago this could be considered a great opportunity to buy. Many are saying that this coin is very likely to smash the $1k mark this year which will make investors return 5X plus from here.

The coin’s fundamentals are strong and it has been building resistance during the market crash that crypto has just experienced. Any moment soon it could be your last time to purchase crypto at a reasonable price during this cycle so you will need to consider your options quickly if you want to boast about massive gains come the end of the year.

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