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Daily Price Watch: 10th March, Bitcoin Reaches $57k As Momentum Continues

In yesterday’s Daily Price Watch, we noted that this Bitcoin run looked like it was showing all the signs of continuing its momentum and this has been proven to be exactly the case as the world’s biggest cryptocurrency has jumped to $57k today.

Attention will now go towards if the bulls can send Bitcoin past $60k. If it does manage to hit this milestone it is not unrealistic to believe that the price of Bitcoin could go beyond $70k for this month alone.

Binance Overtakes Cardano’s Market Cap Place At Number Three

The momentum of Binance has surprised quite a few people over the last month and this week has seen another significant rise in price during this week. The coin is up 5% for the day and 14% in total for the week.

This now has given Binance at the time of writing with a market cap of $44 billion dollars. This now means that the only coins ahead of them in terms of market cap are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Cardano now sits in 4th with a market cap of $37 billion.

THETA Up 50% For The Week

Theta might be considered a hidden gem, the only thing is it’s becoming less and less hidden as its price has incredibly gone up 50% for the week. This has left Theta with a market cap of $6 billion dollars, still leaving plenty of potential for this bull run to push the price up further and further.

It has been speculated that Theta has a working relationship with youtube which if confirmed to be true will be positive news for holders of this coin.

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