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Are We Being Manipulated By Whales In The Crypto Market?

If you are new to crypto you would be forgiven for thinking that it’s all doom and gloom and that the dream is over. But how can this be the case when only a month ago it looked like Bitcoin was destined to take over the world? On this site, we believe this is exactly what they want us to think! If you have read our articles for a while you might be familiar with the term whale manipulation.

This is the process of extremely rich people manipulating the market so they can sell at the peak and buy back in at the lowest price possible. This practice might seem ugly but the good thing is that if you are aware that this type of thing happens you can also take advantage of it.

Evidence suggests that whales are buying at these prices and would love the price to decline as much as possible as they know what the future has in store for such assets. It is difficult to always put your finger on exactly why prices fall in crypto because if we knew with absolute clarity we would be the richest people in the world but when we see such volumes in selling and buying we can only come to the conclusion that the elite are trying to trick us into thinking our crypto investments are worthless.

We don’t blame you for panicking as what we have experienced this past month has been brutal and has even made us question what is happening in the markets but the last thing you should be doing now is selling. The ironic thing is that the steeper the price drops the less need there is to sell your crypto.

The price of Bitcoin yesterday was down at $28k. Prices that seemed impossible a month ago when every YouTuber was telling their subscribers that this was the last chance you could buy Bitcoin for under $50k. However, with doom can also come opportunity in crypto. Buy when fear is in the air supposed to buying when all is well and everyone is bragging about their portfolios once again.

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