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Ethereum’s MetaMask Enables Crypto Purchase On iPhone Via Apple Pay

MetaMask has moved a step further to accommodate its customer base by expanding its Apple system after successfully integrating a payment plan on the Apple platform.

In an announcement by MetaMask on March 29, a slew of planned updates was announced by the team, and the most important of them was the integration of Apple Pay for iPhone users to be able to buy crypto.

For emphasis, Apple does not support cryptocurrency payments through its platform, so payment in crypto is made via a third-party platform, Wyre, which also has no crypto support but is integrated into Apple Pay.

Users can now use Apple Pay to buy cryptocurrency with their debit or credit cards, eliminating the stress of sending ETH tokens in advance. iPhone users via Apple Pay can fund their wallets with a maximum of $400 using either Visa or Mastercard alongside the Wyre API.

MetaMask Uses Credit Cards

MetaMask has incorporated the Transak payment system into its platform for users to buy crypto using their credit cards. Still, users who decide to use their credit cards must first complete the mandatory KYC (Know-your-customer) registration.

Using MetaMask on Layer-1 attracts gas fees; however, the company did not claim to benefit from them. But MetaMask has its own separate fee, which is a modest 0.875% of the charge per transaction.

Another part of the update is integrating support for transactions independent of the gas fee; that is, when blockchain or a different protocol pays the gas fee on behalf of a user.

On March 15, MetaMask reported the milestone reached by MetaMask. It celebrated exceeding 30 million active users in a month, placing it as one of the best performing crypto wallets in the industry currently. 

It was also revealed in the same news that a $450 million fundraising session for ConsenSys, an Ethereum solution provider behind the wallet, has been realized.

Then, on March 16, the CEO of ConsenSys, Joseph Lubin, disclosed that the plan to launch the MetaMask native token and DAO is in the pipeline. But no further information was revealed, but it is believed that long-term MetaMask users can expect an airdrop like UniSwap.

Fake Wallet Apps Are on The Rise

As one of the crypto trading wallets, MetaMask is now a target for scammers and hackers alike looking to compromise the brand’s credibility and security framework. ESET recently raised the alarm about an organized scheme to share fake wallets for Android and iPhone smartphones, one of the leading cyber security companies globally.

According to the team at ESET, the plan started in May last year with fake Wallet Apps for numerous crypto trading platforms shared across groups on social media, specifically targeting Chinese users.

Unfortunately, many malicious apps also found their way to the Google Play store, and the team at Google promptly erased them in January.

The more MetaMask improves its services, the more prone it is to attack by scammers and hackers. 

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