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Elon Musk To The Rescue As Starlink Satellite Is Deployed To Ukraine

The ongoing hostilities between Russia and Ukraine have seen the latter suffering from severe internet disruption due to the constant bombings carried out by the Russian military, which affects public infrastructure, including internet services.

Elon Musk has revealed the availability of Starlinks broadband internet services in Ukraine, with more terminals ready to be deployed to restore internet access in the country.

The statement by Musk was a response to the tweet posted by the deputy prime minister of Ukraine, Mykhailo Fedorov, who called his attention to asking for help, and Musk, in return, responded by saying Starlinks is already in Ukraine with more terminals to follow.

Disrupted Internet Access

According to the statement released by Internet Monitors, following the Russian military offensive in Ukraine, internet services, especially in the southern and eastern parts of Ukraine, were severely disrupted. More people cannot access the internet due to the disruption in services following rockets launched at infrastructures across the country.

Internet satellite technology is an expensive project to invest in. Its coverage is way stronger than both cell towers, and fiber optic cables are used, so they can reach people in remote areas where internet access is not available.

Natural disasters or war can disrupt critical internet access, and satellite technology is the perfect backup for emergencies.

Introducing Starlink

Starlink is a broadband satellite internet service designed to cover the planet with fast speed internet connectivity and provide reliable internet access to billions of people without internet service.

The adoption of advanced satellites in Starlink makes it convenient for video games, video calls and other high data demanding activities.

The Tesla boss has envisioned Starlink as a world-class broadband internet service provider capable of meeting the market’s needs for fast-speed internet access and deploying available infrastructure where needed.

Starlink is one of Musk’s top-performing companies with more than a handful of clients across the US and using its services in some parts of the world.

Body Of Satellites

For consistent internet connectivity, the deployment requires a body of satellites that can function in a low orbit position for optimum results.

Musk has previously shared the number of satellites that SpaceX has, which is a total of 1,469 active satellites, with 272 of them about to be moved into orbit for an operation soon.

Last month, Starlink was deployed in Tonga, in the South Pacific, to connect villages in the hinterland after a major volcanic eruption, which was reported as the biggest eruption in the world in more than three decades.

Talks Underway

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has placed Russia’s most terrific army units on alert for possible action with talks between the two warring countries expected to take place today.

However, the United States Department of Defense has remarked that internet accessibility is strong enough in Ukraine, even with the occasional power outages, most of the time.

It remains to be seen if the international community can end the military bombardment.

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