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AMC Theatres Ready To Accept Dogecoin And Shiba Inu In March

Many businesses are joining the recent move in accepting payment using Dogecoin in exchange for products and services, with more entertainment companies joining the Dogecoin train.

One of the world’s leading entertainment TV behemoth in the movie industry, AMC Entertainment Holdings, is about to put an end to the long-awaited push to start accepting cryptocurrencies as payment.

AMC management announced its readiness to integrate meme coins, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, into its payment platform effective March 19.

According to the CEO of AMC Theatres, Adam Aron, customers can now get ready to start using their favorite meme cryptocurrencies to make payments at its theatre outlets later in the month. Aron noted that it is becoming increasingly risky to overlook the use and importance of digital currencies in the schemes of transactions nowadays.

AMC is to open to other avenues to accommodate other customers who otherwise choose to pay in other currencies other than fiat currency. Doing this is in the company’s interest and the customers as a whole.

Meme Coin Community Excited

In a tweet, the CEO of AMC revealed the company’s decision to integrate the BitPay platform in its system paves the way for AMC Theatres ready to start accepting DOGE and SHIB. However, it is worthy to note that the announcement was made in November last year.

The payment via BitPay will be live on the AMC website on March 19. The next month could see BitPay integrated on the mobile app of AMC as well, according to the CEO’s statement.

As expected, the announcement was met with jubilation and excitement from both communities of the meme cryptocurrencies. The co-founder of Dogecoin, Billy Markus, praised the move by the AMC team by stating that paying with DOGE at the AMC Theatres would be fun.

Both meme coin communities were expecting the move for a while now after Bitcoin and Ethereum were accepted as payment last year by AMC Theatres. But adding DOGE was already in the planning stage before SHIB was later added into the mix in a Twitter poll.

The announcement by AMC came when both meme coins have been enjoying a positive market performance due to rice increase for some days now.

Meme Coin Adoption On The Rise

The increased adoption of cryptocurrencies in the mainstream has not gone unnoticed by many, with both Dogecoin and Shiba Inu being adopted. eBay has already concluded its plans to start accepting the DOGE for payment in its e-commerce stores.

eBay’s CEO, Jamie Iannone, revealed that the company is set to release an official statement about the integration of Dogecoin in its payment system during the upcoming investor event to take place on March 10.

In other news, a recently established fast food restaurant based in Dubai has opened the world’s first DOGE-themed restaurant, which has already started accepting payment in Dogecoin.

SpaceX and Starlink are also considering using Dogecoin as payment for their services in some years to come.

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