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Elon Musk’s SpaceX To Start Using DOGE As Payment In Its Charging Station

The Tesla CEO’s determination to make things happen is not in doubt, and his recent remark about the possibility of using Dogecoin as a payment option for one of his businesses did not come as a surprise to anyone.

Elon Musk has released a statement about the new charging station built by Tesla, hinting at his vision of implementing the DOGE payment option for Tesla charging stations in the future. The announcement was made after Musk tweeted about his plans involving Dogecoin and a Tesla SpaceX charging station.

The announcement appears to be a piece of good news for the strong Dogecoin community as per their expectations for the meme coin’s utility and what it means to be associated with the meme cryptocurrency.

Dogecoin Payment: A Possibility 

In response to a tweet by the founder of Tesla Console, Ryan Zohoury tweeted about the new Tesla charging station recently launched in Santa Monica, where Musk was tagged in the tweet. He then shared Tesla’s plans to open a futuristic theatre in the Hollywood area and the option of paying in Dogecoin.

The U.S. aerospace maker, SpaceX, is reportedly test-running a Dogecoin payment option in readiness for launch. A member of the Dogecoin community has revealed that he saw DOGE as a payment option for spaced merchandise in the e-commerce store Shopify.

But the reason why DOGE appears in the source code for payment is that SpaceX has already added a cryptocurrency payment option for buyers since May 2020.

However, the rumors about SpaceX accepting Dogecoin stem from Musk’s tweeting about one of his companies (Starlinks) and SpaceX working on getting the meme cryptocurrency as payment.

However, assertions made by the Dogecoin community are heavily influenced by the tweet attributed to Musk and from the aerospace manufacturer. It appears the reply gotten from Musk’s tweets is perceived as a hint of what is to come.

Musk’s Attachment To Dogecoin

Virtually all crypto enthusiasts have witnessed the billionaire’s love for the meme coin on Twitter. His occasional tweets about the currency more often lead to a mass rally for the cryptocurrency.

Last year, Musk withdrew his partnership with Bitcoin over the reported environmental impact of Bitcoin mining and transferred the opportunity to Dogecoin. His electric car company, Tesla, accepts DOGE as payment for its merchandise.

However, the payment option was a hidden feature on the Tesla payment site and was only made public a few days before its official launch. No other cryptocurrency is accepted by Tesla presently.

Due to Musk’s influence, Dogecoin’s popularity has seen the rise of other meme coins in the market. Though Shiba Inu has performed better than Dogecoin for some time now, DOGE remains the top-performing meme token regarding market capitalization and robust community support. 

It’s interesting to note that SpaceX’s first use of Dogecoin as payment started with the abandoned DOGE-themed mission to the moon, which was widely publicized.

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