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Award-Winning TV Producer Joins The DOGE Community

The cryptocurrency industry has continued to welcome celebrities as they join one after the other to embrace the exciting prospects of digital currency.

TJ Allard, a two-time Emmy-winning producer, is the latest entry into the industry after joining the Dogecoin community following his comment on a tweet on Twitter posted by the meme coin co-founder, Billy Markus.

The TV executive, famous for his various exploits on TV shows, responded to Markus’s post on Twitter by asking, “Did someone say Dogecoin?” The response, as expected, sparked a lot of reactions from followers, with some already seeing the famous producer as a meme coin ambassador.

Before this, Allard commented on most crypto-related posts, not just those from Markus. He has urged fellow celebrities to create content to accommodate cryptocurrency and the burgeoning NFT industry. He believes that by making songs, movies, or shows about the industry’s prospects, more celebrities and fans would like to see how they can have a stake in the crypto and NFT space.

Crypto Welcomes Celebrities

TJ Allard is not the first celebrity to join the crypto and NFT bandwagon. Kiss Frontman’s singer, Gene Simmons, has previously reported that he accepts cryptocurrency as payment for his Las Vegas estate, currently valued at $13.5 million.

However, while other celebrities still praise the digital coin and plan to key into the cryptocurrency revolution, Kanye West has an opposing view of the NFT. He reportedly told his fans that his focus would be on creating a genuine product for the real world, not on some imaginary NFT stuff. 

Notwithstanding that West does not have any interest or excitement in the NFT projects, he once supported Bitcoin’s top players in 2020, before the industry found itself in the present situation.

Dogecoin may have been considered the most famous meme coin in the cryptocurrency industry; it is often viewed as an unattractive token compared to Bitcoin and NFT when it first made its entry into the mainstream. Following the positive trading, it enjoyed success in the crypto marketplace.

The remarkable thing about the meme cryptocurrency is its market performance over more established players just a couple of years after going mainstream. Individuals are attracted to the DOGE like a magnet more than ever before because of its unique features.

Considering the price of Dogecoin, the meme coin is selling at $0.13, losing a percentage of its value when compared to the previous trading on the market. Moreover, Dogecoin suffered a considerable setback at the start of the year as it lost almost 20% of its value.

Nonetheless, disappointment is expected in a competitive and uncertain industry like the crypto industry, where prices are more often controlled by speculation than active trading. The good news is that the meme coin is expected to bounce back from its latest loss of value. Doing this is achievable because it is a cryptocurrency with solid backing from its community; and, more importantly, its founders.

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