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Can Michael Saylor’s Suggestion Help Elon Musk Eliminate Twitter Spam Bots?

The Tesla CEO is not giving up easily on his resolve to rid Twitter of spambots if given a chance to take over the social media company Twitter.

According to a recent tweet posted by the billionaire, eliminating Twitter spambots could make him sacrifice his life. The situation warrants such, and his mission is to verify every human using the platform.

Musk is not happy with Spambots

The Tesla boss has previously expressed his concerns over the ongoing issue of spambots on Twitter, as they make the user experience on the platform difficult and inconvenient to use.

In a Ted Conference organized in Vancouver in March, Musk told his audience that spambots are continuously making the social media platform worse, adding that if there were to be a DOGE token for every crypto scam he had encountered on Twitter, he would have amassed 100 billion DOGE.

However, a response from the British cryptographer, Adam Back, shows a stark opposition to the billionaire’s view of the issue. According to Back, Musk’s suggestion on how to fight bots on Twitter through authentication is not suitable for the privacy of individuals. Moreover, he further added that Musk should instead stick with the advice given by Michael Saylor on how to tackle the issue.

Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy, has suggested that Twitter allow real humans to post about 50,000 SATs (the equivalent of $20) using the Lightning Network and, consequently, verify them with an Orange Check instead of the usual Blue Check.

Saylor argues that about 360,000 verified accounts on Twitter have “Blue Checks.” But by adopting millions of orange ticks on the platform for existing users, everyone will be confirmed in minutes.

Then Twitter can limit the number of comments and direct messages to verified accounts. Defaulters are to forfeit their deposits, and Twitter effectively monetizes the process.

Just last week, the billionaire announced his audacious bid to take over Twitter with a $43 billion offer to promote free speech on the platform. Meanwhile, the proposal surfaced days after he rejected the company’s request to add him as a member of the board of directors.

David Schwartz Slammed Musk Over Twitter Takeover

Ripple’s chief technology officer (CTO), David Schwartz, has taken a dig at the billionaire over his daring move to take over the social media giant and turn it into a private enterprise.

According to the CTO, Musk is not attempting to make the social media platform a better place. Instead, he wants to use it to achieve a political aim.

The CTO further argued that Musk is trying to push aside the moderation policy of Twitter to accommodate political speech that aligns with his sentiments and discard any address against his conviction.

Notwithstanding, the billionaire is the second-largest shareholder in the social media giant’s stock after being displaced by Vanguard Group, which purchased the additional shares less than 24 hours after the takeover bid was announced.

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