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Hot Dog Restaurant Offers Dogecoin Fans 50% Discount

According to reports, using meme coins for payment is getting the desired attention. A family-run restaurant, Willy-Yums, invites people with the DOGE cryptocurrency wallet to a huge 50% discount for February.

The restaurant is ready to start accepting Dogecoin for payment because the owner has been an admirer of the meme coin for a fairly long time after getting to know about it on a crypto trading app.

According to him, purchasing the coin is attractive because it has a low price, capped at just $0.002 when he discovered the meme cryptocurrency. The currency has since enjoyed an upward appreciation of 34,400% and reached its peak at $0.73.

Rob likes how Dogecoin created its logo, in which a dog is inscribed on the coin, praising it as the “coin for everybody,” in an apparent thumbs-up toward the Tesla CEO. Rob sees the meme token as cheap and easy to buy and gifts. It’s easy to use and comes with a logo that speaks directly to the people. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that are more or less people-oriented, Williams sees meme coins as having a connection with people because the mascot dog on the coin draws attention more than anything else.

The hot dog restaurant has used Dogecoin as payment for its services since customers can use their app to scan the QR code when making a purchase.

In all this, only a handful of people have been willing to use this payment method, but Rob remains hopeful that the discount is the first impression he wants to make on people’s minds, making it more appealing to the coin fans. Low patronage could be due to the low circulation of information about the ongoing advertising.

A variety of menus are available in the restaurant for any interested individual with the meme token, and it is known all over the United States.

Toward the end of 2021, a basketball team in Dallas owned by a billionaire gave significantly lower prices on their tickets to fans using Dogecoin to pay. The action by the club means that season ticket holders can use their tokens to purchase the club’s services.

In another daring move by lovers of the meme cryptocurrency to show its value in transactions, according to reports, a passionate fan base in Utah has started advertising his willingness to put his house on the market at a lower discount of 10% to any interested buyer ready to pay with the coin. The seller knows the value that will benefit him from such a transaction.

Notwithstanding the uncertainty surrounding its value and the speculative nature of the crypto industry, the coin has consistently continued to generate interest from businesses and individuals, with electronic car manufacturer Tesla using it as payment for specific products.

The restaurant owner states that he knows of Musk’s unsuccessful attempt to lure McDonald’s into using Dogecoin in exchange for its service. He is confident that since businesses like his have backed the coins, it is only a matter of time before others key into the movement.

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