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Burger King Supports Elon Musk On His Remarks About Dogecoin

In what seems like support for the meme coin DOGE, one of the largest fast food enterprises in the U.S., has tweeted a response to the address by Elon Musk to McDonald’s about the meme coin, which made the users ask the food giant about its plan to start accepting DOGE. Users of the coin want to see it received like other cryptos for payment for services and other exchanges.

Is there an agreement in place?

The Tesla owner, who is the creator as well as the backer of the coin, has stated that he will gladly allow himself to be broadcast live eating a meal should McDonald’s agree to accept Dogecoin as payment for its fast food.

But McDonald’s is reluctant to do so, stating that before that happens, Tesla should be willing to use “Grimacecoin” as payment to see how serious Elon Musk is. But it turns out that the reply to the demand to accept Dogecoin as payment was a half-hearted joke.

However, the users of the meme coin were disappointed, with some showing their dissatisfaction with McDonald’s on why it takes them too long to make such a remarkable reply to their request to accept Dogecoin as payment.

Moreover, Burger King followed suit by responding to Elon Musk by using its Twitter handle to tweet what is said to be subtle support. The response is a hint to draw customers from its rival toward them.

In terms of cryptocurrency as a payment method, McDonald’s in El Salvador began receiving Bitcoin as payment last year. Bitcoin is now widely accepted in exchange for services. As a result, anyone with a Bitcoin wallet can use it to pay for goods and services in the country. As such, those with Bitcoin wallets can use them to make payments for services in the country.

Doge coin holders have faith in Dogecoin.

With their strong belief in adopting Dogecoin as a token for payment and the progress they wanted it to achieve, the community took the response as a hint that DOGE would soon be accepted by Burger King, with the tweet turning into speculation. Still, confirmation of that has yet to be received. 

Despite the absence of official confirmation, most supporters are not giving up yet. Many are confident in the usability of DOGE for payment in transactions.

On record, in late 2019, Bitcoin Cash was accepted as payment for service by Burger King, which was widely celebrated as a step in the right direction.

In Germany, Burger King began accepting Bitcoin as payment but then halted for unexplained reasons, despite other companies having crypto ATMs or in-store payment methods.

In all, the users and fans of the coin are still hopeful of seeing their darling coin go head to head with other cryptocurrencies in terms of ease of use as a means of payment by most businesses, not just Burger King.

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