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Fast Food Chain Set to Accept Doge after Positive Response from Co-founder

Another positive development for Dogecoin holders is the address made by MrBeast Burger on their Twitter handle to Musk. They have stated their readiness to be part of businesses using DOGE as payment only if the Tesla CEO would respond to their tweet.

The Tesla founder was reported to have paid no attention to them. Still, his cofounder, Billy Markus, gave positive feedback on the tweet, which would signal the adoption of Dogecoin by the fast-food company for their services.

The Deal Was Offered to Elon by MrBeast Burger

As a result of the remarks by Musk to McDonald’s on the use of Dogecoin in exchange for its service, other competitors in the fast-food business are said to be interested in using Dogecoin as payment for their service. They want people with Dogecoin wallet to be able to pay for service in any of their outlets.  Their claim does not surprise many because they might be using this as leverage to draw consumers to their side. 

However, Elon‘s request to advertise a McDonald’s meal on live TV if McDonald’s would accept Dogecoin was flatly rejected by McDonald’s. Still, the tweet prompted a retweet from the Twitter account of a competitor, Burger King. Their response to the tweet may not have been precise, but this does prevent the ardent Doge users from interpreting it as an acceptance of their meme coin, with some coin holders airing their views in their comments.

Doge Users Are Persuaded to Give Their Support

The co-founder has taken it upon himself to support MrBeast’s message in place of Elon. He, however, admitted that he had no large following like Musk but would do all he could by retweeting till it reached the target audience.

He further persuades the coin faithful to show their support is strong enough to carry the responsibilities of promoting the coin. He further states that the community is good enough to champion the advancement of the token with the support of its users. A daring move by the cofounder to prove the success of DOGE is not tied to the popularity of Musk alone but to the sheer determination of its community.

Moreover, he stated that no other online token is as great as Doge when tipping. Consequently, he listed the account of MrBeast Burger with a token of 6.9 Dogecoin to ensure the seamless accommodation of Dogecoin in their payment system.

But a Twitter user with the handle @WSBChairman has a large following and believed that the statement coming from MrBeast about accepting Dogecoin was just words spun at their best for the Doge community because their answer was not specific or direct.

Regarding the remark made by Elon Musk and the subsequent responses from other fast-food chains, Dogecoin may be getting the recognition it needs from service providers, as it has a willing community that is at the forefront of making sure that the goal is realized.

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