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Dogecoin Co-Founder Criticize Community Members Sabotaging Dogecoin

Billy Markus, Co-founder of Dogecoin and an active member of the Dogecoin community, criticized some members of the Doge community on Twitter for sabotaging the coin. The Dogecoin community has been accused of being entitled and obnoxious. 

Billy Markus, the Co-founder of Dogecoin, announced last year that he is no longer a part of the project after commending other developers for their sacrifices and hard work. Dogecoin is under threat from within because of some of its members. 

The Dogecoin Community 

The Dogecoin community plays a significant role in the development of the coin. However, Billy Markus seems to be having issues with them recently. He heavily reprimanded them for playing a huge role in destroying Dogecoin from inside. The Doge community has gotten a lot of critics in the past because of their debate against one another and their attack against other crypto communities, Pro NFT, and users holding Doge with other cryptocurrencies. 

An instance is a critic against Robinhood brokerage firm popularly known for trading Doge and other digital assets. Billy Markus tweeted on Monday addressing the entitled and obnoxious members of the Dogecoin community. The Dogecoin co-founder didn’t mention any name. However, he has blamed them for making work difficult for the workers.

Developers work hard on the Dogecoin project, ensuring that DOGE keeps making notable progress. However, the community is causing them a lot of stress and criticizing the developers. Markus affirmed that being a developer is not an easy job because there are a lot of responsibilities, and having an obnoxious community is not making the work any better. 

Workers won’t have any choice but to quit because the community is not supportive. A community that is not cooperating doesn’t deserve anything good. There is no point claiming to be a Dogecoin fan or supporter when contributing to its destruction. 

Billy Markus stated that the tweet was never about him. Still, he can’t remain silent when a segment of the community is determined to target others working to improve the community. They profess to be supporters yet disparage others working to develop Dogecoin.

Support Dogecoin or Leave 

Billy Markus has urged members of the Dogecoin community to leave if they cannot support the project. If they don’t contribute to the progress of DOGE, then they should go to create their community. 

Billy Markus stated that the “backseat drivers” are not the original Doge community. He joked that another community may have offered these people some money to act like a Dogecoin supporter. While all these are mere speculations, Markus suggested that if any member of the community won’t contribute to the growth of Doge, then they should go and create their community instead of making work difficult. 

The Dogecoin co-founder has taken some time to learn more about coding as he is planning to create a Dogecoin 2.0. The co-founder is yet to reveal when he is launching a Dogecoin 2.0, but he said he doesn’t plan to work on Dogecoin or create a new cryptocurrency.  

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