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Dogecoin Investors Seek to Appeal AMC Chief

Currently, Dogecoin is number seven on the rank of the biggest currency in the crypto market with about $36 billion market cap. Other top coins except for Bitcoin and Ethereum often struggle for positions on the rank and currently, the Dogecoin is moving up the ladder. In August it has seen a good rise from about  $0.20 to $0.27 in just 2 weeks, this would be a good month for Dogecoin.

It is predicted that with adequate sway and movement from corporate America there would be an increase in the coin’s rank. Just as AMC Entertainment praises Bitcoin, Dogecoin has followed patiently. The movie company, AMC Entertainment, disclosed that it is planning on taking payments in bitcoin starting from the end of this year. It is now quite open that Adam Aron has become a Crypto enthusiast as he joins the rest of the crypto enthusiasts. Dogecoin investors hope that he turns his attention to them.

Praises For Dogecoin

Presently, the Dogecoin followers give praises to the AMC company, applauding them for being progressive and seeking growth in crypto, they now ask that the CEO looks at the bigger picture. Using the Twitter platform the fans of Dogecoin try to persuade Adam Aron to look into the meme and consider it as a medium of payment too. They praise the Dogecoin features which include easy, fast, and cheaper transactions when compared to Bitcoin.

It is said that the meme coin is quick to complete transactions as it can handle 33 transactions in a second while Bitcoin still lingers at 7 transactions a second. The coins community also matches as a meme coin and tries to fiddle into the AMC’s status of meme-stock. Still, on this, David Gokhshtein, a crypto investor and enthusiast, mentioned that he would be more inclined to spend Doge at the AMC theatre than the leading cryptocurrency–Bitcoin. He explains that he is busy “stacking state” which means he tries to amass more Bitcoin and not spend it.

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