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It May Soon Be Possible to Purchase Space Ads with Dogecoin

Outer space is soon becoming a twenty-first-century tourist attraction. A prime example of this is SpaceX. As reported by Business Insider, is joining hands with Geometric Energy Corporation, a research and development firm based in Canada, to initiate what is basically an elaborate digital billboard into orbit.

Samuel Reid, co-founder and chief of GEC, in an interview with the channel, stated that the firm is working on developing a satellite dubbed a CubeSat that is stocked with a selfie stick as well as a pixelated viewing screen attached to one side in order to show logos, ads, and other forms of art.

The CubeSat is set to thumb a ride on SpaceX’s rocket dubbed Falcon 9, which is going to release it into orbit before the rocket makes it to the moon. Once having arrived there, the selfie stick will gather footage of the viewing screen and live stream it on either Twitch or YouTube for the masses to view. As reported by Reid, the CubeSat is scheduled to be released in early 2022.

After it is operational, anyone will be able to buy tokens to claim specified pixels on the viewing screen, decide what those pixels are supposed to look like, and choose how long the advertisement will run. There are a total of five tokens, Beta being for the X coordinate, the Rhoe token for the Y coordinate, Kappa for the colour, Gamma for the brightness, and XI for the time amount.

Artists, companies, and anybody else who is interested can purchase tokens via crypto. GEC also aims to be able to support fees in dogecoin in the future. After all, what is a better use for a meme digital currency than purchasing space advertisements?

Reid informed Business Insider that he is trying to accomplish something that can communize access to space as well as take into consideration decentralized involvement. He also added that he hoped people would not waste their money on anything offensive or inappropriate.

In terms of money, Reid informed Business Insider that he could not disclose how much exactly each CubeSat token would end up costing. However, considering the amount of effort, money, and time expended only to get the billboard up into space, to begin with, one can only assume that advertisement space is not going to be cheap in any way. GEC and SpaceX, when reached out to by a source, did answer immediately.

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