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Dogemon Go Mobile Game to Allow Players Earn Dogecoin

There has been great promotion on the Dogecoin cryptocurrency this year and following this extensive publicity a group of creators has launched a new AR mobile game – Dogemon Go, which has slight similarities with the popular Pokemon game. To play, the players collect Dogemons and as they go higher they can win bonuses in the form of Dogecoins.

Earn in DOGE

This new AR game takes advantage of augmented reality and DOGE, combining them into a mobile game. This news got out last month after the developers tweeted about the new game. Recently they disclosed that the game is now available for IOS users and they are developing the Android app currently. On the game’s website, there is a welcome message for visitors with a map showing the game’s playing field. Dogemongo.com opens with a message that says:

‘Start now and catch your first Dogemon. Combine the playing experience with your favorite Dogemons. Start catching Dogemons today [and] if you’re a great trainer, you can find cryptocurrency as prey among other Dogemons. The Dogemons are waiting for you – start now and catch them all!’

Privacy And Advertising Paradise

Rolling the name on the Apple App Store the programmer is called Shemie Suarez, however, on the website, it says the game was developed by a group of developers called the ‘Frozen Limited’. There are privacy concerns as regards the game and some individuals are not ready to play the game as they worry about its privacy. To register, the site asked for a Google account or a Facebook account as well as an Apple ID, however, this is the same for the popular game Pokemon Go. Once the name is started, the players can customize their avatar.

The game is still new and so has not gotten any reviews or ratings. To compare it with the known copy, the graphics in Pokemon Go are way better, however, the latter does not give rewards in crypto. According to the developers, the game could be an “advertising paradise”. The users of Android do not have access to the game for now and so the developers have made provisions for an APK, while they work on the Android App.

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