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California Tech Entrepreneur Berates Dogecoin, Calls It Elon Musk’s Scam

The renowned software developer in California, Dan O’Dowd, has called out the meme cryptocurrency, Dogecoin. The software tycoon disclosed that Dogecoin is an Elon Musk-promoted fraud alongside other inventions of Musk. 

The California-based tech mogul is an ardent critic of the Tesla boss, who he sees as an opportunistic individual.

O’Dowd Calls for Tesla Ban

The software developer made the headlines after sponsoring a campaign against Musk-owned Tesla. The electric car maker was the subject of a stinking dig from O’Dowd, who wants the company’s self-driving automotive banned.

Reports indicate that the owner of Green Hills Software funded a series of moves targeted at the most prominent electric car maker in the United States. During his senate campaign, O’Dowd sponsored campaign ads to downgrade Tesla and its products, which did not see the light of day. 

The Green Hill Software CEO later lost his senate bid after clinching a meager 1.1% of the overall votes in the primary election. However, his campaign against the wealthiest man in the world did not end there.

Furthermore, the tech entrepreneur established a technology advocacy group to determine the safety of products. Accordingly, the group recently published a safety test that shows Tesla’s self-driving car hitting an object on several occasions. 

According to O’Dowd, the technology from Tesla is a threat to the safety of Americans on the road.

However, supporters of Tesla slammed the crash test results, calling them fake. They emphasized that the group did not use Tesla’s technology during the purported accident as claimed by the group.

The Tesla boss hits back at the allegations on his part, calling it a “doctored video.” Moreover, O’Dowd defended his claim, saying that the video published showed FSD’s engagement in several crash tests.

DOGE Investor Sues Elon Musk

A prominent Dogecoin investor, Keith Johnson, has previously filed a lawsuit against the Tesla boss over fraud claims. Then, Johnson alleged last month that Musk was running Dogecoin as a pyramid scheme and thus slammed $258 billion against him.

The plaintiff filed a class action suit against the Tesla boss on behalf of those who have suffered financial losses like him. According to Johnson’s estimates, investors have lost close to $86 billion in the investment scheme run by Musk. 

The plaintiff is asking the court to compel Musk to reimburse investors the equivalent of their funds. In addition, the Tesla CEO must also pay $172 billion in damages. Despite the lawsuit, Musk was not deterred as he continued to promote the meme token as a utility.

The billionaire has previously adopted DOGE as payment for three of his companies: Tesla, SpaceX, and The Boring Company.

Established in 2013, the creators of Dogecoin envisioned it to be just a digital meme currency in response to the emergence of Bitcoin. Ironically, the token has gained significant adoption as fans see it as a better bet than others.

With his several supports, Musk has been the central figure in Dogecoin’s popularity

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