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AXE Plans To Unveil DOGE-Themed Deodorant

The much-awaited day for the launch of the Axe deodorant appears to have come to an end as the Unilever subsidiary has fulfilled its promise of releasing the widely publicized DOGE-themed product.

The company plans to drop about 100 DOGE-themed antiperspirant deodorants on Wednesday, April 27.

U.Today reported that the product is a limited edition and comes with a unique product name, “Dogecan: The Stick.” It was initially announced that Dogeday would be celebrated every April 20 with much fanfare and exciting events to commemorate the creation of the popular meme cryptocurrency.

Fans of the meme token have already begun to register their interest by ordering the DOGE-themed deodorant in advance so that they can be able to purchase one of the limited edition sticks using their meme token.

Axe Focus on the DOGE

Last year, Axe was reported to have released a crypto-centered body spray, which the company revealed was inspired by the top meme digital currency. It is planned to release a limited edition of such body sprays should the price of Dogecoin reach the $1 mark.

However, the leading body spray brand has previously released some of the cans after the meme coin failed to attain the projected $1 price range expected. And the Doge community only managed to use 10 minutes to grab a large number of free cans during the giveaway period.

The Doge community has been the backbone of Dogecoin, going by the support it gives toward the progress of the meme cryptocurrency. In addition, Dogecoin is regarded as one of the top cryptos with a robust community on most popular networking sites, as evidenced by the nature of its price direction as a result of speculation.

Elon Musk and Twitter Push DOGE Price Up

As per the report from U.Today, the price of Dogecoin has surged to $0.171, which is considered the highest price level it has experienced since the beginning of April. The price spike resulted from the news that the famous social networking giant Twitter has been taken over by the billionaire Tesla owner, Elon Musk.

Additionally, the deal is considered a high-profile acquisition as it involves the richest man globally and a social media giant with millions of users around the world.

It is expected that the takeover will usher in the beginning of another phase of accelerated growth of the canine cryptocurrency because it is the most preferred digital currency of the billionaire. It is expected that DOGE payment will be integrated into the platform in the coming days. It has always been our vision of Musk to use Dogecoin for price in established businesses to grow its adoption.

However, the gains recorded by Dogecoin following the news of the Twitter takeover were short-lived as the meme coin plunged further down by over 13% in less than 24 hours.

The meme token is still highly regarded as it sits among the top 10 in the crypto industry in terms of market capitalization.

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