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Evo Capitals Review – Is It a Good Investment Platform?

This is the digital age, a new age! Everything we seek is within our grasp and most definitely available on the world wide web. Similarly, as opposed to the golden years where financial trading took place in a physical location, now financial trading takes place online.

Financial trading is a complex journey and not for everyone’s undertaking. Are you up for the task? Read on!

The Risks Of Financial Trading

If you are new to this world, you might not be exactly aware of the depths and risks contained within financial trading. It may seem attractive from the outset but you must beware of losing funds.

The most basic risk stems from the entire market dipping. When this happens, even the most strategic investors and traders lose money. To counter this occurrence, most trading platforms have embedded stop loss and negative balance protection features.

The next type of risk comes from investing in an asset class that is prone to volatility. These are often contracting for differences (CFD’s). These are offered on virtually every asset class. However, between 69% to 84% retail accounts lose money while trading CFD’s.

The other type of risk is from generally investing in an asset the investor does not know much about. For example, traditional assets such as stocks are often a safe trading consideration. However, if the investor does not read the market well, is not up to date with news about such stock, they may end up losing money when the stock takes a dive.

Overall, most of these risks can be offset by making well informed decisions.

Evo Capitals’s Trading Arena

Evo Capitals is a well-established brokerage platform. It has been quick in its reputation building from its time of inception.

Evo Capitals follows a client centric policy in all its operations. They ensure to seek a constant feedback loop from all clients in order to continue improving their operations base.

The trading platform primarily operates via utilizing a web browser. It has a well defined interface with a range of charts, real time updates about various asset classes and advanced trading tools.

In order to provide ease of access to other clients who have more on-the-go trading needs, Evo Capitals has developed an application compatible with iOS and Android. This mobile application has the same features as the web platform albeit in smaller operability.

Access To Asset Markets With Evo Capitals

Premium markets access is a regular feature of Evo Capitals because they wish to provide their clientele with the best.

The Funding And Withdrawing Procedure With Evo Capitals

As mentioned earlier, Evo Capitals accepts the three major currencies on their platform (USD, EUR,GBP).

Funding the account is done via debit and credit cards. Similarly, wire transfers are also an acceptable funding mechanism, however, they do take a processing time of up to three working days.

In order to process withdrawals, the first stage is ensuring that you have the requisite funds ready to withdraw. Once the request goes through from the client end for a withdrawal, a basic security check is conducted and the withdrawal is processed instantaneously.

There are no fees for withdrawals or funding, however, your bank might charge a transaction fee for administration and processing charges.

Evo Capitals And Types Of Trading Accounts

Each investor enters the financial trading world with a unique trading need. Therefore, Evo Capitals ensures that each diverse investor need is catered to as much as possible.

It is pertinent to note, since Evo Capitals is built on the premise of empowering the investor via education, each trading account has access to unlimited educational tools pertaining to trading. This is so that no investor is left out from the knowledge that can potentially transform their trading strategies.

Getting Started With Evo Capitals

If this gets you excited already, you would definitely want to know more about entering Evo Capitals’s world.

Evo Capitals does not believe in lengthy on boarding formalities. Therefore, their boarding involves a three stage process:

Stage One: Registering your details. These are kept encrypted and secure to prevent data loss in the unlikely event of a data privacy leak.

Stage Two: Verification. Any government form of identification will suffice.

Stage Three: Funding. Money is accepted in internationally acclaimed currencies such as the Euro, US Dollar and Great British Pound.

Just these three simple stages and the investor is ready to go live on the markets.

Contact Evo Capitals today and jump start your trade journey!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.

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