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These 3 coins can bring great incomes to holders

Cryptocurrency is an interesting investment model. The concept gained immense attention since its launch in 2009. All crypto tokens work on the blockchain philosophy and decentralized finance model. Both these working concepts are simple and easy to understand. Start your trading journey at bitcoin evolution trading platform.

The features and working model of cryptocurrency are simple. The blockchain philosophy means that each crypto is broken down into single units. Such single-user transactions are then stored on a public network. Each of these blocks takes a continuous shape also known as chains. Such user chains are assigned individual and unique reference numbers. The user transactions are then hosted on the public network accessible to everyone. These transactions do not trace back to their original user.

The concept of decentralised finance is also simple. The transactions on the web are undertaken without involving any third parties. No banking agency or regulatory authority monitors any crypto user transactions. It became an advantage to many crypto investors. It allowed investors to leverage the liquidity factor and generate additional income. Also, until 2015 many countries did not impose tax regulations on such investments. But with the changing circumstances, the government has now imposed a tax regimen on cryptos. Tax regimens on crypto tokens now range between 10% – 30% in various countries.

Crypto market performance in 2022

The year 2022 did not start on a promising note. Most popular tokens went through a downward trend. The prices of Bitcoin dropped from $48k to $19k. Other than Bitcoin, prices of other tokens including Ethereum and Shiba have dropped. Indeed, Terra completely disappeared from the investment market. Along with Terra there are other tokens also anticipated to follow the trend. But, is that a worrying factor? The answer to this question is not sure. Many investors call it a crypto winter. While others take the opinion that it is the best time to invest in crypto.

The market will recover in the coming months. This is not the first time that the crypto market is crashing. A similar experience was witnessed in 2017 as well. The market recovered from this phase in 18 months. The price of Bitcoin after this recovery touched an all-time high of $65k.

Many investment experts believe that the current market condition is no different. Let us look at five major tokens that can be on your investment radar.

Ethereum (ETH)

ETH is the number one choice for your investment in 2022. Despite the potential risk, ETH has proved that it can outperform in the coming days. The token has also seen a massive increase in its prices since 2022. If you are looking for a long-term investment, then Ethereum is your best choice. Also, many other crypto tokens make use of the Ethereum platform to complete transactions.


Not a regular crypto, Ape is a non-fungible token launched in the year 2022. The bored ape club launched this token and works as the best platform to buy NFTs. Apecoin makes use of the Ethereum platform and allows better governance and utility. The coin can also be used for undertaking online transactions. Many popular websites accept Apecoin including an additional discount on transactions.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Gone are the days when Bitcoin was a pricey token. The price of BTC in the investment market is $19k. This is an affordable cost compared to what it was three months before. If you are looking to invest in BTC then do not miss the current situation. BTC is the gold in the crypto investment market and will bounce back during the market recovery.


Yes, this may seem a doubtful investment. But Doge is another best for your investment in 2022. The token provides for some easy online buying options. Doge became famous for being a meme token. The prices of the token went up through a tweet by Tesla’s CEO. The company today accepts Dogecoin to buy Tesla merchandise. Compared to other crypto tokens, Dogecoin also promises lesser environmental hazards.


Cardano is another popular token for your investment in 2022. The token provides for sustainable and secure technology. The blockchain platform used for Cardano is easy with minimal barriers to online trading.

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