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Elon Musk Visits Ukraine, Introduces Doge Fever

The self-acclaimed father of the leading meme cryptocurrency, Elon Musk, has landed in the war-ravaged country of Ukraine in a celebratory mood after the retreat of the Russian military from Kyiv, which was widely celebrated in Ukraine.

Many believe that the visit is a ploy to get Musk to step into the war zone as a sign that all will be over in due time, but that was just a rumor because the real intent behind Musk’s visit has not been made public yet.

The Tesla boss was pictured landing in Ukraine wearing what looks like an astronaut’s costume, which appears to be safety gear, alongside him and other Ukrainian officials moving toward the eastern borders that seem to be the melting point of the conflict.

A select group of individuals welcomed Musk in an environment that looked like a space station, although Ukraine is not known to have such facilities. But it can somehow be a site under development to become, say, a Starlink communication center.

The Musk Statue

The people of Ukraine woke up the following day only to be greeted with a statue of the billionaire on the back of a Doge and in his hand holding what looked like a victory trophy. Passersby are curious about what the statue, alongside a sign reading “NFE” means.

However, that was a sure sign that the city of Kyiv was to become a concert zone during Musk’s visit as he appeared in his costume Doge garment and was cheered by the lively crowd.

The crowd was entertained by the popular beats of Benny Benassi, with many jumping and cheering to the tunes of the music. The Ukrainians appeared to have put their anxieties behind them and were having some fun amid the humanitarian crisis of the war.

Musk took part in another engagement with the people when the concert was over by visiting the icono=ic dome of the Central Cathedral in Kyiv. He regaled the people as the defenders of liberty as Europe was founded on liberalism and commended them for their zeal to protect their territory.

In another twist, Musk aimed a dig at Putin by claiming that he sees himself as a defender of the USSR’s interests, adding that the carnage carried out against the people of Ukraine is not something to be proud of, calling Putin a bully.

Going Through History

Musk refers to historical events to drive home his points as he spoke against the invasion from Russian troops citing the Japanese Islands, Georgia, the persecuted Caucus, and then the Crimea Peninsula.

Furthermore, he urges all Ukrainians to push for the liberation of other cities from the invaders, uphold the spirit of liberalism, and fight against oppression. Doing so is the only way to free oneself from the clutches of bullies like Russia and Putin, who add that they need to be stopped.

Musk concluded his speech by commending the heroes of Ukraine, liberty, freedom, and glory to Ukraine and its people.

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