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Dogepalooza Reveals Ticket Fees and NFT-related Information for the Dogecoin Festival, soon to be Held in October

Dogepalooza, a festival that celebrates the meme-based digital currency Dogecoin, is set to be held in the month of October. Further information also revealed this Friday by the event team solely on content platform Benzinga’s show called “Moon or Bust”.

The tickets for the event went up on sale on the 6th of August at 4:20 pm (Pacific Time) via the corporation’s site. The tickets are being sold at 125 USD for regular enrolment, 300 USD for VIP tickets. For children aged four to twelve, the tickets retail of 50 USD, with children under the age of three charged nothing.

The tickets for the festival will be including a nonfungible token, fireworks show, all the concerts included, and free parking spaces.

As for the VIP tickets, they will be including an NFT (out of five hundred), free-of-cost reserved VIP parking, a specified VIP area on the field, a Texas barbeque meal lasting two hours, a designated bar for the VIP ticket holders, and air-conditioned restrooms.

A total of five thousand tickets are up for purchase, five hundred out of them being designated VIP tickets.

All the tickets are to be purchased via the Tickets.com site, which happens to be the exclusive affiliate of the venue. The team behind Dogepalooza worked at making sure the festival participants could buy tickets with Dogecoin.

The Dogepalooza team revealed that it took them three days of discussions to follow this through, however, it was important to carry out for the community.

The festival revealed two new partners who are helping them make the festival possible, one of them being ENDOCORP, which helps private service organizations obtain endoscopy parts. My SocialPulse, on the other hand, offers social networking sentiments and according to the Dogepalooza team, is similar to Google Analytics “on steroids.”

The event is set to run from 12 pm to 10 pm (Central Time), with the first half of the event covering the family-centred part. The second half, i.e., the 5-10 pm portion is meant for adults according to the event organizers.

Numerous musicians will perform at the event, with more information soon to be revealed. Famed singer Dionne Warwick will sing her song “That’s What Friends are for”. A private airport is also situated across the street from the ground for big celebrities e.g., Elon Musk wanting to join in.

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