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Dogecoin Price Review: The DOGE/USD Pair Is Expected To Dip In The Coming 24 Hours

The latest price analysis for Dogecoin has seen the meme cryptocurrency drop further to $0.100, which points to a downtrend due to the continued fluctuation in price.

From a broader perspective, a careful look at the market situation shows buyers’ grim state of affairs, as a consistent downward trend has been the norm for some time now. A similar movement is also detected for the leading crypto in the market, Bitcoin.

A support level of $0.1151 is predicted to provide temporary relief to the ongoing trend as it would briefly halt the price decline. Should this support level be breached, the next stop would turn out to be as low as $0.1008.

However, indicators that contrast with the negative market outlook give mixed signals. On the one hand is the Resistant Strength Index (RSI), which indicates oversold trading, while on the other hand is the MACD, which shows a bullish movement.

Bearish Activity Rising As Price Levels Drop Further

The Bollinger bands of the price actions are tightening to reflect the volatility of the market forces. A possible breakout can occur from any direction, but a downward move is the likeliest outcome given the circumstances on the ground. 

Another metric, the Chaikin Money Flow, shows another possible action to expect from the market by pointing towards a selling pressure with funds flowing from the market.

A consistent downward trend has been in motion for some time now, just like the Bitcoin price upswing. A support level has been set at $0.1151, which may provide a temporary stop-gap to the price decline. Moreover, if the level is overstepped, the next support could be as low as $0.100. The indicators here are also showing mixed signals.

(DOGE/USD one-day price chart. Source: TradingView)

Recent Price Performance

The four-hour chart used to analyze the latest developments in the market price shows the price is still falling and sits below the 200-period moving average. The RSI shows an oversold zone, and the MACD is still in the bullish mode,e, which may serve as a buffer to the price when the need arises. However, the continuation of the downward trend could see the next stop be as low as $0.1008.

Current market performance is not favorable for Dogecoin as it hands in the $0.100 mark with mixed signals showing throughout the activity. Overall, the trend is not different from what was seen earlier; it appears to be downward. A support level at $0.1151 is found for the price range, but any breach would see the subsequent stop spiral down to as low as $0.1008.

Therefore, there is an urgent need for traders and investors alike to consider the initial price analysis of the DOGE to see if additional measures can be taken to salvage its downward trend. Alternatively, the low price spiral can be left to the market forces to correct or appreciate the value when things become stable.

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