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Dogecoin Hits 50 Cents

It appears that every day now we are reporting on some milestone moment for Dogecoin but today represents one of the most symbolic moments at least as the price of DOGE has smashed 50 cents. This incredibly now leaves the coin with a higher market cap than XRP as it finds itself as the 4th biggest crypto in the world in terms of market cap.

When DOGE went from 1 cent to 9 during the early days of support from Elon Musk, this was supposed to be the story. When the price went up to 20 cents this blew minds but the general feeling was that everyone should expect to come back down to earth. A 50 cent Dogecoin though seemed unattainable and to achieve this in such a short space of time is a testament to what can be done in the crypto space when there is a significant amount of momentum behind a project.

With Musk set to appear on SNL on Saturday, who knows where this train will stop. I’ll start by saying that I think it’s highly unlikely DOGE will surpass both ETH and Bitcoin but holders must have Binance Coin as their next target. Just another $30 billion to go before they surpass them and reach a market cap of $100 billion. Do you think this is possible?

A few weeks ago I personally would have given a flat no to this answer but the momentum is strong and it’s perhaps time for people, (myself included) to stop being surprised by the price of DOGE.

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