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Dogecoin Added To Etoro Cyrpto Trading Platform

Yesterday was another big milestone in the history of Dogecoin as it was added to the eToro trading list. This company is most noted for its stocks but for the past couple of years, they have allowed crypto trading to take place on their platform with until recently their focus being on the most mainstream cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Although they do hold some lesser-known coins such as Tron and Zec Cash.

Due to the fact that every man and his dog are talking about cryptocurrencies, they recently added Uniswap and Chainlink to their list with the demand coming from many of its users to expand their list. This was a surprise in itself but considerable more eyebrows were raised on the 3rd of April when they announced that they were adding Dogecoin to the list.

Buying Doge On eToro

Just to give some indication in regards to the size of eToro, we will talk a little about the company. It is possible you have seen their multiple adverts online, perhaps the most notable one starring Alec Baldwin. On these ads, they spend most of their advertising budget focusing on their copy trade platforms. 

This is a service where you can follow a pro trader and whatever trade they make you will make in proportion to the percentage of your portfolio. Meaning that if you had invested $1000 and they purchased 5% of their portfolio in Facebook, you would now have $50 worth of shares.

However, you can of course trade yourself with many options to choose from. It is an entirely convenient site to trade on and in our opinion, it is the most appealing site for beginners. One criticism of trading crypto on this site is the high price spread. It’s 5% for DOGE which will mean that when you purchase the coin you will already be 5% in the red. Long-term in crypto, this will not count for almost anything but it does make trading redundant so only consider eToro for long-term holds.

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