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Oakland Athletics President Dave Kaval Announces MLB’s First Dogecoin Transcation

Oakland Athletics President Dave Kaval took to his Twitter account to announce the first Dogecoin transaction in MLB history. Landmark after landmark moment keeps hitting for Dogecoin as the price today broke the 50 cent mark for the first time in its history. Numerous companies have announced their intentions to start accepting DOGE as a form of payment and now the MLB has joined the club.

Mark Cuban is one of the people responsible for starting this trend as his club the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA, is accepting crypto payments for tickets and merchandise with Dogecoin being one of these coins. The coin continues to divide opinion as many are concerned that the sharp rise of DOGE is a heavy indication that DOGE is very much in a bubble, with the potential to see a massive decline in price. 

This is of course is a concern for any asset which witnesses such a sharp rise but the continued support of institutions and influential people endorsing the coin could indicate that this is not the case and the future is very bright for the cryptocurrency once considered a joke project. Elon Musk is appearing on SNL on Saturday night and it is believed that he will try to pump the hell out of Dogecoin on his performance. 

Continued celebrity endorsement has also made the coin a very good holding and as of the time of writing the price of the coin has increased by an astounding value of 15,000% for the year. What do you think the value of DOGE will be at the end of this cycle?

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