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Dogecoin Gains 50% In One Day, 70% For The Week

If you are a holder of Dogecoin then the 13th of April will be a day that you will fondly remember. It was only a few days ago that we published an article on this site where we talked about the milestone of DOGE hitting 7 cents and how this was a lofty high when compared to where it was before Elon Musks’ involvement.

Well, they say a week is a long time in politics, but I would suggest that this could be even more applicable to the crypto markets. At one point today DOGE was trading at 12 cents! At the time of writing the price is trading at almost exactly 11 cents which represents a very reasonable drawback.

Dogecoin Up 70% For The Week

I sincerely hope no one reading this article sold all their DOGE in the past week because your timing would have been terrible. Many people continue to doubt the potential of DOGE but the rise today shows the overwhelming support for it.

Normally we would warn of a correction but coins with much higher market caps like XRP and Binance continue to see a rapid surge in price so at this rate we wouldn’t be surprised to see the price of DOGE go either way. Let’s hope that we are reporting on a 20 cents Dogecoin in the next few days!

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