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WallStreetsBets To Allow Discussions On The Most Prominent Cryptocurrencies

The Reddit investor WallStreetBets has finally given in to the ever-rising cryptocurrency trend. The forum is known to have acted as a platform that aided in driving the trading surge in GameStop (renowned videogame dealer) Corp’s stock earlier this year.

The forum moderators at WallStreetsBets have now decided to allow discussions regarding Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum to take place among the forum’s users. It should be noted, however, (as this was observed inside a Cryptocurrency discussion thread) that no other cryptocurrency besides the ones mentioned, i.e., Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum will be discussed on the forum.

One moderator known as “bawse1” stated that, at this point, they did not want to delay the unavoidable anymore since crypto is a permanent form of currency now. They also stated that after a lot of deliberation they decided that discussions regarding cryptocurrencies Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin should be allowed. The discussion will only take place, however, within a daily Cryptocurrency discussion thread as they intend not to burden other users not as interested in cryptocurrencies with what they would deem to be “crypto spam”.

This decision made by the WallStreetsBets moderators is evidence of a turnaround for the subreddit channel because it has, thus far, not ever allowed discussions to be carried out on cryptocurrencies. This was mainly due to the reason that a majority of members preferred not to move away from the discussion regarding stocks that are publicly traded.

This decision took form following the successful debut of Coinbase Global which took place on Wednesday.
Besides that, the decision was also made as an acknowledgment of the uprise of the three most renowned cryptocurrencies i.e., Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Dogecoin. On Wednesday, Ethereum touched a historic high of $2,453.33, whereas Bitcoin reached a record high of $64,863.10. Dogecoin at the time of writing is trading at 30 cents which represents an insane 200% increase for the week.

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