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Dogecoin Founder Concerned About Threat To Life Amid Rug Pull Involving Famous YouTuber

Shibetoshi Nakamoto, aka Billy Markus, has come out to caution against calling out scammers in public as the threat is real and not better imagined.

The Dogecoin founder explained that the selfless act of informing the industry about real or perceived activities of scammers and their ploys often leads to a threat to the informant’s life and, in some cases, death.

According to Markus on his Twitter account, calling out scammers is a sure way for a person to put their lives in danger. Harassment of informants and death threats are the tools used by scammers to silence informants.

Popular YouTuber Called Out For Trademark Violation

The Dogecoin founder’s comment came a week after he publicly called out Matt Wallace, the celebrity YouTuber, on Twitter over what the meme coin founder termed a breach of the Dodge Foundation’s trademark.

Matt has solicited funds from the Dogecoin community to create an alternative token to promote the leading meme cryptocurrency. But Markus believes that the popular YouTuber is looking for the chance to float a rival meme token, using the enthusiasm of the Dogecoin community to achieve his goal.

While talking about his action of calling out the celebrity YouTuber on Twitter, Markus admits that he took the risk because the reputation of the Doge and all its work to achieve was at stake. He added that the meme cryptocurrency has nothing to do with such a project as it did not come from the Doge Foundation.

According to him, Dogecoin’s reputation was all that mattered at that moment, and the founder commended the Doge community for airing its disapproval over the actions of the popular YouTuber and his team, as not doing the right thing could have been damaging to the DOGE brand, thereby making its value plunge.

Blocking The Wallace Move As It Happens

The move to call out scammers began last week after the celebrity. The YouTuber disclosed his plan to collaborate with other crypto fans of questionable behaviors to educate businesses worldwide about the importance of accepting payments in DOGE.

The crux of the matter is when Wallace announced that a new token would be created to raise funds for the project, dubbed “Accept DOGE,” which is intended to fund the different enlightenment programs.

However, Markus took exception to the planned move. He decided to call out Wallace by informing him that the relevant regulatory body had already trademarked the Doge brand. The Doge Foundation is prepared to launch a lawsuit against him if he chooses to use the meme token name and logo to carry out his project.

Interestingly, the bold move by the Dogecoin founder culminated in Wallace and his team changing the name of their fundraising project to “Accept Cryptocurrency” (ACEPT).

Meanwhile, multiple reports have it that the value of the newly created ACCEPT token has plummeted by over 99%, which suggests a possible rug pull.

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