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Dogecoin Core Is About To Undergo Significant Upgrade (v1.14.5)

Dogecoin developers have revealed that a new version of the network’s core will soon be released. This version (v1.14.5) will ensure that all network participants pay lesser transaction fees.

What The Upgrade Will Entail

Once this new update is complete, the team recommends a 0.01 DOGE block inclusion fee within the core wallet for each kilobyte. Even though the current version doesn’t allow huge fees, this new version will enable it automatically. Thus, other wallets can enable the relatively low transaction fees automatically.

This upgrade is coming on the back of Tesla’s CEO’s recommendation when he stated that DOGE could only become a reliable payment method when transaction fees are low on the network. However, the DOGE community will need to approve this proposal before it can be implemented since the meme-themed cryptocurrency runs as a decentralized network. While a cheaper transaction fee is the focus of this upgrade, some loopholes and other fixes affecting Dogecoin core users will also be done during this upgrade.

Glauber Contenssoto’s Crypto Portfolio Is 99% DOGE

Glauber Contessoto (also known as the Dogecoin millionaire) has tweeted that he remains bullish about Dogecoin. He further tweeted that 99% of his investment portfolio is in DOGE, with the remaining 1% in ADA and FLOKI. Recently, Contessoto revealed during an interview that “unit holdings is psychological. Most people will prefer to own 1000 DOGE than a very tiny fraction of BTC.”

He even argued that DOGE is more relevant than any other cryptocurrency, including bitcoin. DOGE’s cyclical gains are apparent, and whale movements often provide some level of predictability. Some analysts opined that each cycle results in the rise of DOGE prices. Unsurprisingly, Twitter trends indicate that DOGE was among the most mentioned digital currencies on the social platform in the last seven days.

Also, google trends showed that it is among the most searched assets during this same period. Several analysts are predicting that once DOGE surpasses the $0.30 barrier, it will embark on a new bullish run. However, it might struggle to maintain this price point as some traders might look to take profit.

Dogecoin Is One Of The Most Traders Cryptos On Indian Crypto Exchanges

New data from various sources indicate that DOGE’s trading volume on Indian crypto exchanges has been around 8% in the past six months. A leading India crypto exchange, Coinswitch Kuber, disclosed that DOGE is the leading crypto being traded on its platform, followed by Ethereum and Bitcoin. One of the exchange’s top executives, Sharan Nair, stated that “DOGE trading has been for almost 36 weeks now with the volume traded on it during this period exceeding that of the top two cryptocurrencies.”

Tweets by famous figures, especially Elon Musk and Mark Cuban, have steered the interests of Indian crypto traders towards the meme-themed coin. A BrokeChooser data (an on-chain crypto analytics firm) estimates that India crypto traders are more than 100m, and they are the largest globally.

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