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How Dogecoin Acceptance Nod from Amazon is Shaping Up

The last few days have seen Dogecoin enjoy free publicity from a wide range of digital money market influencers. The hype around the fun themed coin led by Elon Musk seems to take a new twist with a virtual Dogecoin acceptance not from Amazon taking the center stage. Will the revelation take DOGE a notch higher in the crypto rankings?

The recent Elon Musk twitter publicity appears to have given the DOGE a significant boost. Created in September 2018 by one MarkE, the petition dubbed Doge4Amazon is seeking to get Dogecoin accepted as a payment platform on Amazon. This is a similar petition for Amazon to accept Bitcoin.

Virtual Dogecoin Acceptance on Amazon

Since its creation, the petition is still pending and Amazon has not given it a nod or rejected it.  However, with Elon Musk and other high profile social media influencers backing Dogecoin, the coin hype might not be ebbing away soon. A Dogecoin acceptance on Amazon means increased adopting and a high profile use case.

Anytime Musk tweets or tags a digital asset, the price skyrockets. The recent surge in DOGE price is a clear indication of how the market can be influenced by an individual. The tweets however, have highlighted the petition. To date, the petition has gathered more than 100,000 signatures and counting.

Why Dogecoin Acceptance Petition Never took off?

Dogecoin popularity has been on the downtrend especially with new and shinny crypto projects stealing the digital money market show. After its creation, the petition only attracted a few signatures. The current attention has seen a spike in the number of signatures to get the Amazon nod.

The current Dogecoin awareness and popularity could be the boost that the digital asset has been lacking. Should Amazon give Dogecoin a nod, the DOGE price could surpass the $1 mark overnight. The petition goal was to collect 25,000 signatures but ended up with 45,000.  

Dogecoin Acceptance Huddles

Before Musk tweeted about Dogecoin, collected signatures were below 50,000 by February 1, 2021. However, these have grown to more than 100,000 at press time. When the petition was launched, Amazon’s policy was that only bank account holders have access to their trading platform.

However, MarkE was optimistic that Amazon will embrace cryptocurrency and bring onboard the unbanked consumer. However, back then, Cryptocurrencies where facing a lot of resistance from traditional financial institutions. This has changed with many, including Amazon, exploring possibilities of using blockchain to remain competitive in the eyes of the modern consumer demands.

Apart from the Dogecoin community, MarkE is thrilled that Doge4Amazon campaign is getting a new lease of life. His aim was to create awareness around the fun coin and increase its adoption. The publicity appears to be winning the heart of more investors to make DOGE a cryptocurrency of the future.  Will Amazon start accepting Dogecoin or any other cryptocurrency? Will Amazon come up with own cryptocurrency? Well, time will tell.

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