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Co-Creator Of Dogecoin Uses Twitter To Promote Dogecoin Game Jam

Anyone that follows cryptocurrency knows the impact Dogecoin is having on the entire market. Despite all of this Elon Musk and Gene Simmons are far more associated with DOGE than its creator.

Billy Markus, the co-creator of DOGE has used his Twitter account to talk about some games that have been inspired by DOGE. This is a place where lovers of games and crypto can come build a strong community based on mutual interests.

The site currently has 35 games to play and they all center on the theme of cryptocurrency. The games appear to be keeping the original spirit of the coin alive with the games looking fun in nature and are designed to not be taken so seriously.

If you are a fan of gaming and a current holder of DOGE why not click on the Dogecoin Game Jam link provided in the Twitter post and start playing these games and help play a part in helping the DOGE community to grow.

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