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Daily Price Watch: 15th March, Altcoins On The Brink Of Pumping?

Yesterday the price of Bitcoin hit $61k and the rest of the market followed the trend with most altcoins seeing gains of at least 5%. At the time of writing the market has calmed down a bit with Bitcoin being 2.5% down from yesterday’s highs while other altcoins in the top 10 are between 3 and 4% down from yesterday also.

Could Be The Last Chance To Buy Litecoin For These Prices

The price of Litecoin took a small dip today and is currently trading at $217. There is a lot happening in the world of Litecoin and we predict that this coin will be at least $1000 during this current bull run. This would put the market cap of Litecoin around $100 million dollars so still very conservative when compared to Bitcoin.

The fundamentals of Litecoin are solid and we consider the price it is now to represent tremendous value. There are expected to be a few updates to the blockchain soon so buy now before these changes are confirmed!

Is The Only Way Up Now For Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has now broken through that massive resistance of $50k and now sits at $61k. So what is next? Well, some analysis says that we can expect the momentum to continue and the price could reach $80k in this month alone but more likely to occur in April. The price could take a dip and challenge the resistance of around $56k. If it does this and recovers quickly this could be a very bullish sign for the price of Bitcoin.

Predictions online now range from $200k, all the way up to $500k. Good predictions obviously have some basis to them and although these prices seem like pure optimism if we follow the path set by other bull runs Bitcoin can easily hit around the $200k mark. If you factor in the amount of institutional support which is now hitting the world of crypto, it could go beyond the patterns set in previous bull runs and leave many a crypto investor rich.

If this does occur it is important to note that if Bitcoin does take off like this, eventually people will stop looking at Bitcoin as a reasonable investment as the returns might not be significant enough considering the risk. Therefore now is the best time to diversify your portfolio and make sure you hold some of the altcoins that are set to pump in the coming months.

Altcoins We Recommend

We personally recommend many Altcoins based on their fundamentals and the hype that surrounds them. Coins like Cardano and Polkadot will very probably continue to rise and surprise a lot of people while lesser-known altcoins such as Theta and Aave are also some of our favorites and we will not be in shock if they see a 20 times gain throughout this market cycle alone. As always do your own research before you invest and only buy what you can afford.

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