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Corinna Kopf Actually Gets A Doge Tattoo After Elon Musk Calls Her Out

Maybe this is just another lesson that when you are offered a challenge on Twitter you should think more than twice about excepting it, especially when a man with the following of Elon Musk decides to intervene to remind you that you haven’t fulfilled your promise. It is commonplace for big influencers to promise to do things if they hit a certain target. This is usually in the form of giveaways but Corinna Kopf had different ideas.

Back in January, the Instagram influencer sent out a tweet to her fans where she said she would get a tattoo on a particular area of her body if she was able to reach 50,000 Twitter followers. She must not have anticipated hitting that number being hit in two short months.

Some followers in her Twitter account noted that she was even quicker to achieve the number she craved and that there was no evidence she had gotten a tattoo. This is when Elon Musk intervened and agreed with one of the followers who was suggesting that she “is just in it for the clout”.

This tweet from Musk appeared to prompt the Instagram influencer and getting the tattoo as on the 26th March she took to Twitter again to show off her new tattoo. It is unclear if Musk has seen the tattoo or not but many were surprised that she actually went ahead and done it.

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