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Cardano Might Soon Support NFT Marketplaces

NFT’s are all anyone talks about at this moment in time and honestly, there is no sign that this might be changing anytime soon. The latest news in the world of NFT’s is that the founder and CEO of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson has hinted that nonfungible token marketplaces may soon find backing on the Cardano Blockchain.

Charles and his team have been busy working on the upcoming Alonzo hard fork, an upgrade that will get smart contracts to the Cardano network. In an AMA video, Charles suggested that the team will focus on NFTs as well.

Despite these platforms largely being associated with Ethereum with their smart contracts, Cardano has long been touted as a potential Ethereum killer and Charles has said that he has already been in contact with several of the top market places and is confident that many of them can be inspired to turn towards Cardano.

“It’s Easy To Clone These Protocols; It’s Easy To Partner With These; Just In NFTs, We Approached Several Of The Top-10 Marketplaces And Already Begun Discussions Porting Them Over To Cardano. Because – Why Not? It’s An Easy Conversation, And It’s Just Engineering Resources.”

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