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Beeple’s Offer Not Accepted By Elon Musk: Only Accepting Dogecoin

DOGE’s favorite son Elon Musk released a song about NFTs, which he put up on sale as a non-fungible token on Money. The song has already found a taker with the artist Mike Winkelmann, better known as Beeple offering a staggering amount.

Beeple offered Musk $69 million for the song but Musk insisted that he was only interested in being paid in Dogecoin. To the tune of 420 million to be precise.

Amusingly it is worth noting that the value of 420 million DOGE is currently equal to $24 million. Significantly less than what Winkelmann was offering. At the time of writing the highest bid on that tweet was 153 ETH, which is currently valued at $275,000.

Beeple himself sold an NFT artwork titled “The First 5000 Days” for the same amount he is offering Musk through the auction house Christie’s.

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