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Daily Price Watch: Coinbase Listing Makes Cardano Fly As Rest Of The Market Recovers From Dip

There was massive news yesterday for Cardano holders as the coin was finally listed on Coinbase after months of speculation. Yesterday I wrote an article on this matter and went into detail explaining its significance to the price. At the time of writing it is now trading at $1.26. Only 36 hours ago the Altcoin could have been purchased for $0.97. We are predicting a $2 Cardano by the end of April!

If you believe you might have missed the boat on this one it is worth noting that the CEO of Cardano has said multiple times that they are on the brink of signing a huge deal with an unknown African country as well as the release of Goguen in the coming months which will make Cardano 100% decentralized. We are big fans of Cardano on this site and we believe it’s one of the coins that will be here for the long run.

Bitcoin Expected To Recover Quickly

For those paying attention, you would have noticed that the price of Bitcoin yesterday fell considerably from around $61k at its peak to as low as $53k. Now though the price is already back at $57k and many experts are saying that they believe this to be another bullish indicator for the crypto markets.

We were seemingly chasing the resistance of $50k forever but amazingly it actually only took about 3 weeks to surpass all-time highs once again. Maybe the levels of frustration on display are just an indication of how much people expect from crypto these days. If we were to repeat the same process with $60k it would be unreasonable to explain.

Chainlink: 10% Up For The Day

Chainlink is one of the most respected Altcoins on the market. The fundamentals are solid and it is clear to everyone that they are in Crytpo for the right reasons. However, investors would no doubt have been frustrated by its lack of substantial gains in recent months. Many experts were predicting huge gains but in the meantime, the coin has failed to see such momentum many were predicting. This however represents the opportunity to accumulate for when it does. Today the price finally seen some spike in action and at the time of writing is currently up 10% for the day.

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