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Why NSCC-002 Ruling Is Huge Bitcoin, Dogecoin & All Crypto

If you remember the article we posted the other day we suggested that the elite want us to think that the bull market is over when the reality is this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, we are being lied to. We believe very much that the bull run is not over on this site and that whale manipulation is rife.

The SEC, usually seen as an enemy of the crypto world has laid out plans for 2021 where they have stated they have no plans to regulate Bitcoin or any particular cryptocurrency this year. If true this would mean that there will be no stories of extreme FUD from the SEC which always have a negative effect on the price.

Certain rules are being passed to stop this kind of manipulation from happening. However, these rules will take a little bit of time to come into full effect, and before this happens institutions are trying to do all they can to manipulate the markets in their favor.

What Is NSCC-002?

A Redditor says that this law has the potential to be a game-changer for the crypto industry. This Redditor suggests that this is the biggest news to come and the end game catalyst. This is similar to a similar ruling that was passed back in May with zero objections.

Once this rule comes into full effect every hedge fund with short positions in the market will be monitored every single minute. If they fail to report their short position or if the threshold succeeds the amount of money they have to hand they will need to deposit funds to cover this within one hour. If they fail to do so the NSCC will have the power to immediately override operations and liquidate the hedge funds entirely. This would mean that such short positions with potentially billions of dollars in liquidation will not be able to take place again.

This would mean that scenes that we have witnessed this past month could or almost certainly will become a thing of the past. This apparently has the potential to trigger the bull run once again and as this Redditor puts it.

” the fact that this is not at the top of all blogs is mindblowing”.

We are interested to know what you think. Is this a game-changer or will we ever escape the evils of whale manipulation? Here is the link to the Reddit post in full.

Here is a video about the NSCC-002 topic from Altcoin Daily.

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