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Conspiracy Theories And Tributes Storm Twitter Following John McAfee’s Death

Suicide reports of a notorious tax fugitive, antivirus pioneer, and Bitcoin proponent, John McAfee have been met with a mix of emotions, tributes, and conspiracy theories today. Normally conspiracy theories involve a leap of imagination or at least some form of thinking that can be described as out of the box but in this case, you could argue that you don’t need to wear a tin hat to have questions about this mysterious case.

John McAfee, an international fugitive that has evaded the U.S authorities, has been found dead after a Spanish court ordered McAfee’s extradition. The 75-year-old McAfee was expected to face a life sentence after being extradited to the U.S. Edward Snowden, former National Security Agency employee and whistleblower, has criticized U.S enforcement’s global reach and warned that McAfee’s death was not the end. Snowden stated that Julian Assange’s case could end the same way as McAfee’s.

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, praised McAfee’s contribution to anti-virus software and described him as an enigmatic pioneer in the world of cryptocurrency and the history of computing. Hoskinson stated that McAfee was deeply troubled, noting he had documented his personal traumas and substance abuse issues.

Anthony Pompiliano, a Bitcoin podcaster, and influencer shared his thoughts on McAfee’s suicide. Pompliano described McAfee as an intellectual and also shared a photo of himself alongside the security pioneer and his wife Janice Dyson, holding heavy munitions from the houseboat the pair had been using to avoid the law for so long.

Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom lamented McAfee’s substance abuse stating it kept him from his potential. Kim is currently facing extradition charges from New Zealand over the file-sharing network, Megaupload. Although McAfee’s legal representatives in Spain informed Reuters of the death, stating McAfee committed suicide rather than face life in prison, the internet has been flooded with conspiracy theories many asserting that McAfee did not hang himself.

QAnon conspiracy theorists took the internet by storm after McAfee’s official Instagram account posted an image of the letter “Q”. According to a report by Business Insider, QAnon Influencers had hundreds of thousands of followers, and each of them was sharing sceptical posts regarding suicide.

McAfee’s previous tweets have been repeatedly posted on Thursday, one of them dating back to 2019, McAfee stated the government was threatening to have him assassinated, and that his death would not be by suicide. The tweet, however, was considered to be a promotion for his very own crypto token “WHACD”, a reference to Jeffery Epstein’s death.

Other conspiracy theorists posted one tweet from June 2019, in which McAfee claimed to have evidence of government corruption, and planned to release the evidence if he was arrested. However, McAfee was arrested in October 2020, and no evidence had been released.

Most of his tweets were taken in a sombre tone at the time, including a prisoner tweet in which McAfee spoke about discussing suicide with a fellow inmate, and acknowledged that he had a “down day”.

Javier Villalba, McAfee’s Spanish lawyer, informed Reuters that McAfee could simply not tolerate the idea of being locked up in prison. According to Javier’s statement, McAfee’s death was the result of a cruel system that had no right to keep him imprisoned for so long.

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