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CAR Unveils Advanced Rating Platform for Cryptocurrency Assets

Crypto Asset Rating Inc, otherwise known as CAR, a Fintech company based in the US has initiated the Advanced Rating Platform for rating cryptocurrency assets.

CAR has developed a rating system to promote verifiability, transparency, and astringent rating within crypto asset investment. The extensive rating framework consists of a total of 125 parameters classified into fifteen categories.
The advanced rating program will enable investors to determine the credibility, long-standing viability, and risk involved in cryptocurrency assets, and unbiased analysis of the company offering the asset.

Pramod Attarde, CEO and founder of CAR Inc. stated that he and his company are happy about their Advance Rating Platform being inaugurated. He further stated that with industry experts working with them, they have developed an extensive platform that aims to be unbiased, ethical, independent, and transparent. The platform will allow investors with unbiased analyses of cryptocurrency assets to make the appropriate investment decision. Attarde, with his company, aims to make a noticeable difference in the virtual economy through the transformation of international capital markets.

CAR has recognized four extensive risk classifications of evaluation for advance rating platforms including Financial Risk, Technology Risk, Business Risk, and Legal Risk, which is set to provide investors with a precise estimation of risk.

These risk classifications offer an organized way of analysing cryptocurrency assets. The firm has taken into account a multi-layered approach to make sure every cryptocurrency asset goes through numerous risk evaluation levels to verify rating scores.

The platform’s powerful engine has analysts, internal and external, who offer their analysis as a substantial part of the rating procedure. Moreover, the ultimate rating committee carries out a strict review on the thoroughly defined rating grid. Following that, the rating is then issued. The rating scores consist of three grades, i.e., the investment grade, the speculative-grade and the vulnerable grade.

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