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Cryptocurrency That Gained 1,250% This Year Teams Up With Cardano

This week, Orion Protocol (ORN) took to their Twitter account to announce that they were teaming up with Cardano (ADA). ORN has seen impressive gains of 1,250% since the start of the year, which has even rivaled Cardano’s gains which have been well documented. The cryptocurrency intends to integrate its services with the Cardano blockchain.

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of Cardano has often talked freely on his youtube channel about the need for the crypto community to work together and this is another example of him displaying what his true beliefs are. With the Africa contracts seemingly round the corner and with the coin recently being 100% decentralized, this represents interesting times for the cryptocurrency.

The Rise of ORN

In January it was possible to pick up some ORN for $2.16. Since then though the price has skyrocketed and hit a high of $29.25 in March. The project currently has a $346 million valuation and a $1.6 billion fully diluted valuation. The news that ORN will be teaming up with Cardano comes after Charles announced that soon smart contracts will be able to be built upon Cardano’s blockchain.

“For the first time ever, publicly, people will be able to write smart contracts and deploy them on Cardano.”

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